How would you like to be photographed?

Do you need to update your business portraits or create content for your online marketing?​

Do you have an important event or life transition coming up?  When did you last get a portrait of your parents or your children; and have you ever had one taken that was just for yourself alone ? 

I am a contemporary portrait photographer and I would love to help you create a collection of images you truly love and want to display.

Contemporary Portraiture

Heirloom, Creative + Women's Portraiture

Portraiture has been an enduring and essential genre of art throughout human history.  Contemporary photographic portraiture is about creating a tangible piece of art, photographs that sit alongside the everyday images we capture on our phones and other devices.  While the end result will be something to treasure, your portrait experience is also about creating memories and taking the time to create something truly special. 

We describe our contemporary portraiture in terms of four main styles. Heirloom Portraits, Creative Portraits, Women's Portraits and Business Portraits. Your session may focus on one of these three styles or a mix of them. 

Heirloom Portraits are images we create of your family. Your children, parents and grandparents and anyone in your family and friendship circle that is important to you.

Creative Portraits allow us to let loose and have some fun, try new things and create something that brings you joy whenever you see it on the wall.

Women's Portraits are photos we create of you. They reflect modern glamour, capturing your true essence and personal style.  This experience is about making you look and feel amazing, but not overdone. We understand that it can vulnerable standing in front of a camera and we create a safe space (our team are all women) that allows you to relax and enjoy the experience.

I want your family to have beautiful photographs of you and for you to have beautiful portraits of your family. These will be images that capture personality and allow inner beauty to shine. It's about capturing the people and the stories that enrich your life. One day these images will be your most important treasure, family heirlooms and the box or album of images you will pass down to the next generation. 

Do you remember spending time going through your grandparents' old albums, or shoe boxes of loose photos with handwritten notes on the back? My fear, is that in the age of digital imagery, we have lost these tangible links to the past. Our phones have become a catalogue of memories, but what has happened to the magic? the connection and the stories?  I wonder if these images will even still be accessible for future generations?

I believe you should exist in photographs and I am passionate about the power of printed images.


Protect your family memories. Print them. 

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