How would you like to be photographed?

Do you need to update your business executive portraits or create content for your online marketing?​

Do you have an important event or life transition coming up?  When did you last get a portrait of your parents or your children; and have you ever had one taken that was just for yourself alone ? 

I am a portrait photographer and I would love to help you create a collection of images you truly love and want to display.

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Your brand in images

Conveying who you are and what you stand for is important in any business. That's why personal branding photography is an essential business tool.

What do you want your clients to see? Most of us want to convey our professionalism, authenticity, trustworthiness and approachability. Is your style more about being relaxed and fun?  Do you want your images to look stylish, sharp and confident? Images of you at work can set your brand apart from the others in your area.

For many of us the idea of taking centre stage in our brand marketing can be daunting. But, particularly if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you sit at the heart of your brand. Your personality and values are intertwined with your business and your clients want to get to know you better. 


Everyone needs a range of formal images, but where we go from there will depend on how you want to use your images and the messages you want to convey. I will help you create a suite of images that you will be proud to share across your marketing channels. 



Treasure your family heritage 

I believe you should exist in photographs and I am passionate about the power of printed images.


Contemporary portraiture is about capturing your true essence and personal style. Goodbye 80's glamour, this experience is about making you look amazing, but not overdone. Confident, empowered and proud to showcase your beauty inside and out. 

I want your family to have beautiful photographs of you. Images that capture your personality and that you are proud to have on display. I also want to ensure you have those same portraits of your parents, your children and the other important people in your life. One day these images will be your family's most important treasure.


This is about creating your family heirlooms. The box or album of images you will pass down to the next generation. The photographic art that you hang on your wall. It's about capturing the people and the stories that enrich your life. 

Do you remember spending time going through your grandparents' old albums, or shoe boxes of loose photos with handwritten notes on the back? My fear, is that in the age of digital imagery, we have lost these tangible links to the past. Our phones have become a catalogue of memories, but what has happened to the magic? the connection and the stories?  I wonder if these images will even still be accessible for future generations?

Protect your family memories. Print them. 

If you are looking for my maternity, newborn or baby work, you will find it here

My name is Kirsten..... 

I am a portrait photographer and I'm here to create your perfect collection.


Whether you need headshots + personal branding for your career or business, or if you would like to create some beautiful images of yourself or someone important to you, I can help. 

When was the last time you had a photograph taken that you loved? For many of us, that's a difficult question to answer. You deserve to have photos that you love and value, images that you are proud to share with your friends and family, and portraits that make you feel special.


I place a lot of emphasis on understanding what you need and how you want to look in your images before we ever pick up the camera. You will walk away from your pre-session consultation with a very clear idea of what you need and how you will use your images, whether that's to connect with your clients or to create an heirloom collection for your family.

I look forward to chatting and helping you create your perfect portrait collection.

Self portrait of Kirsten the portrait photographer behind the camera at Kirsten Naomi Photography  | Heirloom Portraits + Personal Branding | Baby + Family photography



Regardless of who you choose to be your photographer, make sure they are an accredited professional. 


The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography NZIPP has a directory of accredited photographers on their website. 

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Self portrait of Kirsten the portrait photographer behind the camera at Kirsten Naomi Photography  | Heirloom Portraits + Personal Branding | Baby + Family photography


let's celebrate You

I am passionate about creating beautiful images that show you at your best

Your Portrait experience

What can you expect?



I want to understand your vision and plans for your images. For branding, I will also seek to learn more about your brand story, style and business needs 



You don't need to be a natural in front of the camera; I will guide you through the session. I am an expert at shaping with clever posing and great light to ensure you look your best



You will choose your images from a fully retouched gallery. Subject to your chosen collection minimum there is no obligation to buy anything extra; however many clients choose to upgrade at this point



The pre-session consultation will include creating a wardrobe plan and shot guide. We allow time for multiple outfits during the session



All of your images will be professionally retouched to a very high standard. Every detail is considered to ensure your images look polished, but also natural and authentic



Linking back to our pre-session plan we will identify uses for your images and other formats that would be helpful; additional crops and black + white conversions are included with your digital collection



When you feel great it shows. Our stylist will help you add some gloss to your everyday look. We want you look like yourself - but on a really good day



I believe photographs are our legacy and should be printed and displayed. All of my collections come with a keepsake box of beautiful fine-art prints as well as digital files



Most of my portrait clients choose to purchase wall art. I have a large range of wall art options to suit your home and style. My innovative portraits boxes are very popular for homes with limited wall space

Feeling nervous?

You're not alone

Believe it on not, I also struggle with the idea of being front and centre in my brand, and I had to beat my own personal demons to appear in photographs with my family. So I understand why you might be hesitating.

You may already know the importance of existing in your family photographs and printing them for display (but, if you don't, check out my blog post here).


You've probably also realised that today's online world of websites and social media means you have to visible online and connect authentically on a personal level with your clients.


What you might be wondering, is how to go about doing this in a way that feels OK for you.

I will help you create beautiful, high quality images that you will be proud to weave into your business story or hang on your wall at home. My sessions are fun, an opportunity to relax and be pampered, but you might also be surprised and walk away from your session feeling more empowered and confident than you have in ages. 


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I now have a range of images that I feel proud of and can use for speaking engagements, client work and  social media


With so much taking place online, especially international work, I needed  images that backed up my professionalism and experience. I'm very happy with the collection of images I received


Technology Consultant + Ceo


I'm very happy to chat and this is often the fastest way to get answers!

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