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A portrait hanging on a home wall above a green sofa

Wall Art + Display Options


 Seeing photographs on display in a prominent location helps children to understand their place in the family and to feel loved and valued. Hanging photographs of our children is very important, but equally we must 'exist' in these photographs and by including photos of ourselves in our portraits galleries we set a powerful example around the importance of valuing and loving ourselves. Stand tall, be proud.

In New Zealand sometimes we struggle with the concept of putting photographs of ourselves on display. "Is it a bit much?" we ponder. "What will other people think?".  We have no trouble displaying portraits of our children, of moments of change in our lives, our weddings, our graduations. But I think a photograph that celebrates you looking and feeling amazing is equally deserving of a place in that gallery. Something that makes you feel happy, absolutely deserves to be on the wall.


Most of my clients purchase wall art, a portrait box or an album to display their images.  

How you display your portraits is is a very personal decision and I have lots of beautiful options for you to choose from. From simple to highly ornate, we can find something that suits you, your family and your home.

I'm know how difficult it can be to find the time to organise albums and galleries yourself. I streamline the process by combining your viewing appointment with a design appointment where you will have the time and space to make some decisions around how you would like to display your images, and I will take care of all of the rest.  

I have spent years building and refining my range of display options, which are based around the things that I love and that are popular with my clients. If you can't see something that you really want, please just ask, I have access to most display options and can create something bespoke for you. 


Wall Art never goes out of style. In the studio I have a large range of frames and frame samples for you to help you in making your frame choice. Bespoke options are also available, this can be helpful if you are trying to match existing framed art in your home.


As part of your viewing and design appointment you will be able to choose your favourite images to enlarge for your wall. I am able to provide suggestions for designing a gallery wall if you would like and I will take care of all of the framing arrangements on your behalf. 

I encourage you to bring pictures of your walls and any existing artwork to your viewing and design appointment, as this can be really helpful when designing your new wall collection. 

Classic Framed Art​

My classic frame is available in 4 colours: white, black, rimu wood stain, mocha wood stain. The frame moulding is made here in Aotearoa, and the frames are crafted by local artisans. I love to support and buy local wherever I can, and we have some great options available. 

Ornate Framed Art

I love my ornate frames, they are truly beautiful and will transform your chosen image into an heirloom that will be treasured.

Select the perfect size frame for your home as a stand alone piece or part of a gallery wall.

Frames from the Classic Collection by Kirsten Naomi Photography
Frames from the Ornate Collection by Kirsten Naomi Photography
wall art


This is a unique and modern way of showcasing your images. Previously unavailable in New Zealand at a professional quality, I spent three years searching for a way to bring this display option to my customers.   


I have glass prints in my own home and they are such a talking point with visitors. The vibrant colours are eye catching and the invisible hanging system gives the impression that they are 'floating' on your wall.


Modern elegance

Your image is printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper, then it’s sandwich mounted between layers of premium photo-grade plexiglas using non-yellowing pH-neutral adhesive.  Glass prints are guaranteed against discolouration, or UV-related fading for 30+ years.  All Glass Prints are finished with in-house diamond polishing, buffing and a final hand polish! 

Glass Portraits by Kirsten Naomi Photography
Glass Portraits by Kirsten Naomi Photography
glass p


My innovative Portrait Boxes allow you to safety store your collection of images in a beautiful box that becomes a table top display frame. The image on show can be changed at will, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all of your portraits throughout the year. Each box is hand-made in Italy by by skilled craftsmen. My boxes are popular with families who have limited wall space. 


The Reveal

Timeless Style.

An 8"x10" box in a material of your choice. Featuring a transparent reveal window enclosed in a rigid pircture frame that matches the material of box. The lid is secured by 4 sets of magnets and the portraits can be easily lifted using a sateen silk ribbon.

The Showcase

Perfect Simplicity. 

An 8"x10" portrait box that is handmade in solid oak wood. Two textured finishes are available: vintage white oak and decapè oak. The sliding clear lid provides protects the images and transforms the box into a standing frame to be displayed in your home. The portraits can be easily lifted using a sateen silk ribbon.

Reveal Portrait Boxes by Kirsten Naomi Photography

The Reveal in Cloud Leatherette

Showcase Portrait Boxes by Kirsten Naomi Photography

The Showcase in White Oak

portrait b


For collections of 20 or more images an album is the perfect way to display your images. Your album will include an embossed  Leather or Linen cover and 20 sides.

Kids love looking at photographs of themselves and my albums are the perfect way for little hands to enjoy them. 

Untitled design-2.jpg
Baby photo album 2.jpg



We cannot underestimate the power of photographs to keep us feeling linked to others and belonging. They cement us into our networks.

For children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socialising process; learning who you are and where you fit into the family. By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them. 

Geoff Beattie 

Head of School &

Dean of Psychological Sciences

University of Manchester, England


Placing a family photo where a child can see it every day, without having to turn on a device, gives the child a sense of reassurance and comfort. 


Photographs have a certainty about them and a protecting quality that nurtures a child. It lets them know that they are loved and cared for.

 David Krauss



Ohio, USA


When children grow up surrounded by photographs, it gives them a richer understanding of where they come from, which helps with confidence. I have done a lot of research into how important it is to be reminded of the past, and photographs are a brilliant way of doing that.

Until recently, people often thought of photographs as almost trivial, but actually they are an incredibly important way of connecting with our sense of self, with each other and with times gone by.

Geoff Beattie 

Head of School &

Dean of Psychological Sciences

University of Manchester, England


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