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Pricing + Info

The starting cost for a Portrait Collections is $1,500. Please get in touch for more details and a personalised quote.


This includes a creative fee of $500 which is payable on booking. All Experiences include printed images and digital images as well as hair and make-up styling. For more information please request a personalised quote and check out the what you can expect from your Portrait Experience below.

My headshot days run on a quarterly basis and can be booked online. Sessions are limited and booking early is recommended. The cost of a headshot package is $400 for 3 images and one outfit or $600 for 6 images and 2 outfits. Hair and make-up styling can be added.

Your Portrait Experience

What can you expect?



I want to understand your vision and plans for your images. For branding, I will also seek to learn more about your brand story, style and business needs 



You don't need to be a natural in front of the camera; I will guide you through the session. I am an expert at shaping with clever posing and great light to ensure you look your best



You will choose your images from a fully retouched gallery. Subject to your chosen collection minimum there is no obligation to buy anything extra; however many clients choose to upgrade at this point



The pre-session consultation will include creating a wardrobe plan and shot guide. We allow time for multiple outfits during the session



All of your images will be professionally retouched to a very high standard. Every detail is considered to ensure your images look polished, but also natural and authentic



Linking back to our pre-session plan we will identify uses for your images and other formats that would be helpful; additional crops and black + white conversions are included with your digital collection



When you feel great it shows. Our stylist will help you add some gloss to your everyday look. We want you look like yourself - but on a really good day



I believe photographs are our legacy and should be printed and displayed. All of my collections come with a keepsake box of beautiful fine-art prints as well as digital files



Most of my portrait clients choose to purchase wall art. I have a large range of wall art options to suit your home and style. My innovative portraits boxes are very popular for homes with limited wall space

The experience

Feeling nervous?

You're not alone

Believe it or not, I also struggle with the idea of being front and centre in my brand. I had to beat my own personal demons to appear in photographs with my family so I understand why you might be hesitating - it's a journey....

I bet you already know the importance of existing in photographs but, if you don't, check out my blog posts here and here. Today's online world of websites and social media means you have to put your best foot forward and connect authentically on a personal level with your clients. 

I will help you create beautiful, high quality images that you will be proud to weave into your business story or hang on your wall (often both!). These sessions are fun and an opportunity to relax and be pampered, but you might also be surprised and walk away from your session feeling more empowered and confident than you have in ages. 

  • I'm not naturally photogenic and don't know what to do during the session
    Don't worry, very few people feel natural in front of the camera, and even less know how to stand to look their best. I will guide you throughout your session to ensure you look great and have fun. I use clever posing and great lighting to showcase you in a beautiful, but authentic way. You won't be the first client I've had who was worried about this - and I know I can create images you will love. This is what Sam had to say after receiving her images: "I’ll treasure these photos forever, if you can make me feel comfortable in front of the camera you can make anyone! I can’t stop looking at the shots and I normally can’t stand photos of myself".
  • I don't feel confident in front of the camera and wish I was 10kgs lighter...
    I hear you, I always feel the same. Luckily, I am an expert at shaping with posing and lighting to ensure you look your best. All of my packages include hair and make-up which is great for helping you feel more confident as well as adding some polish to your images. If you have any particular concerns, let me know during your style consultation and we will plan your wardrobe and session with this in mind.
  • I have no idea what to wear for the session
    We will pull together a wardrobe plan during your pre-session consultation meeting. I can help you find things in your existing wardrobe and with some shopping ideas. You may also like to dip into my studio wardrobe for a show-stopping gown. I like to use Pinterest mood boards to help flesh out the ideas we have for the session and will encourage you to add images that inspire you. You might like to download my style guide for some inspiration around looking great in portraits and choosing clothes that will flatter your body shape.
  • I have no idea what kind of images I even need
    No problem! We will flesh this out during our pre-session consulation. You could think of it as a complimentary strategy session. Before I was a photographer, I headed up an HR Business partner team for a global market leader, I am an excellent coach. You will walk away from your session with a very clear idea of what you need and how to use your images to connect with your clients.


What type of session are you looking for?

Thanks for your request! Kirsten will be in touch soon.

The starting cost for a Portrait Collection is $1,500.

For more details and a personalised quote please get in touch.

request quote


Personal Branding and Headshots


I offer a same day viewing process where you select the images you wish to purchase directly after the session and these will be edited and sent to you.

Heirloom Portraits

For Heirloom Portraits, you will be invited to a viewing appointment a few weeks after your session to choose your favourite images.

All collections include a keepsake box and a display option such as a display easel, a handmade wooden frame or an Italian handmade portrait showcase box. Your digital files will be provided electronically after the viewing and design appointment. 

During your appointment you can also order bespoke wall art, portrait boxes or albums. Most of my Heirloom Portrait clients select at least one large piece of framed wall art and some smaller framed images for themselves and other family members, such as grandparents.

I have examples and frame samples in the studio for you to see and touch and can help you design your wall art collection and album.

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